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Te Mata, Sauvignon Blanc Estate Vineyards

Te Mata - one of the oldest wineries in New Zealand founded in 1896 in Hawke's Bay, which is translated from the Maori language as "human profile". If you look at the hills, it will remind the line profile of reclining giant. According to legend, a giant  the leader of one of the local tribes Te Mata, fell in love with the daughter of a hostile tribe leader and decided to marry her whatever it was and passed all the impossible test the girl's father. 

The last test - to eat a range of hills that separated the two valleys. Te Mata began to swallow the hill over the hill, but choked by one and died. If you look at the hills of Hawke's Bay against the setting sun, stuck piece in his throat is viewed.

Sauvignon Blanc Estate Vineyards is light refreshing wine. The harvest is collected in mid-March, with several vineyards, including a unique Vudsorp area of ​​210 hectares, located on the high terraces in the river valley Tutaekuri. The special microclimate and soil with good drainage provides favorable conditions for the cultivation of Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Carefully selected berries are cooled and carried out a soft pressing. Fermentation is carried out at low temperatures in stainless steel vats. Then follows a brief extract of wine in neutral containers.

Brilliant light straw color. The fragrance reveals bright citrus tones, white berries, flowers and subtle nuances of ground white pepper and spices. Well-structured, round and refreshing, clean, fresh taste with notes of gooseberry, kiwi fruit and freshly cut grass, grape jelly, lime and minerals.

The wine is great as an aperitif. It harmonizes perfectly with seafood, poultry dishes, salads, soft cheeses and spicy Asian cuisine.

Recommended serving temperature 10-12 °C.

(C) Julia Shipiguzova, SEMYA caviste.


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