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Tavel, Perrin et Fils

In any star restaurant in France rosé of Tavel is always there. Tavel AOC is rosé wine, and it is justly called the "King of rose wines". Its fame goes back to very distant ages. Philip IV loved Tavel and the wine was served in Versailles under Louis XIV, and in the 18th century this wine became known all over Europe.

The main grape varieties - Grenache, Senso, Syrah, Mourvèdre. Tavel is warm, oily, volume but it is incredibly elegant wine. Classic flavors remain within the sweet berries, nutty nuances of candied fruits and spices.

Our Tavel range is represented by Perrin et Fils family farm. They make rosé from Grenache, Mourvèdre and some Senso. The fragrance is full of sweet fruit and hints of licorice that makes the wine even warmer. The wine goes well with variety of dishes, including Chinese and Japanese cuisine. But the perfect pair is tomatoes and red fish.

(C) Evgeny Sazonov, SEMYA caviste.


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