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Bruno Broglia, Gavi DOCG, 2012

One of the most famous white Italian wines, no doubt, is the star of the Piedmont - Gavi. In this area, in the north-west of Italy produces only white wines from varieties Cortese. Gavi has a leading position in the restaurants and cafes throughout Italy. This subtle and delicate wine with the fragrance of flowers, white fruits and mineral nuances.

One of the best manufacturers - Broglia. Its top wine named after the founder Bruno Brawley. This elegant, refined and at the same time strict wine is ideal for a business lunch: it is often served at official receptions in the Italian embassies throughout the world, and in 2013 he served at the summit of "Big Twenty" in St. Petersburg.

(C) Evgeny Sazonov, SEMYA caviste.


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