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Beronia Crianza, Rioja DOC, 2011

Berones - the tribe of the southern militant Celts, who inhabited the territory of modern Rioja. They called it Beronia.

Brand "Beronia" appeared in 1974 thanks to a group of business partners, whose love of food and wine served as the impetus for the creation of their own winery specializing in wines in the most traditional style. Winemakers experiments with different types of barrels for aging wine farm built in the rank of the most innovative wine producers in Rioja. In 1982, the winery buys Beron Gonzalez family. Today Beronia is among ten the best Spanish wineries. Winery carefully preserves the millennial traditions of the Rioja region. With the support of Gonzalez family, Beron combines tradition and innovation, which is reflected in the creation of two different lines of wines: prestigious classic and delicious variety.

Wine "Beronia" Crianza, Rioja DOC, 2011 just done in accordance with a long tradition of winemaking in Spain. The wine is aged for 12 months in oak barrels! It has a mild taste and strong fragrance of blackberries, raspberries, spices, wood and leather. Perfect balance of tannins and acidity limitless range of gastronomic combinations!

(C) Evgeny Sazonov, SEMYA caviste.


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