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Willie's Party

English chocolatier Willie Harcourt introduced Perm with real chocolate. On 5, 6, 7 January 2014 SEMYA held a chocolate “Willie’s party”. During three days, famous British chocolatier Willie Harcourt - the owner of high-end chocolate brand Willie’s Cacao – acquainted Perm with the taste of real chocolate.

As Willy says: "I make chocolate not for profit, I do it for the passion. I would like to share the passion with Perm inhabitants". People have forgotten the taste of real chocolate. In the pursuit of profit, modern manufacturers add artificial fillers, a lot of sugar and oil in it. For William this formula is unacceptable, so his chocolate consists of only three ingredients: cocoa beans, cocoa butter and sugar cane.

William is one of the few chocolate manufacturers in the world, who is involved in all production processes. He travels hundreds of miles across the vast expanses of Venezuela, personally cooks jam fillings for his sweets, re-operates old manufactory equipment to reproduce the correct recipe of cooking chocolate. It is no wonder that Willie’s Cacao chocolate is so qualitative and tasty. After all, if a man has passion with his job, the chocolate is supposed to be con anima.

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