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Loyalty program

SEMYA discount cards – convenient way of buying at a profit

Save up to 7% in favorite stores.

Discount rate calculates every month based on purchase sum within the last month. Re-calculation of the rate goes on from the first through the fifth day of the month.

Discount rate is active from the fifth day of current month through the fifth day of the next month.

The card discount is not cumulative with any other discount.

Purchase sum

up to 3 000 rub.

from 3 000 to 5 000 rub.

from 5 000 to 10 000 rub.

above 10 000 rub.

Discount rate 





Choose your card


Plastic discount card SEMYA “Three-in-one”

The card divides into 3 parts that allows all family members to go shopping and to accumulate the highest rate.

How to get the card:

1. Make one-time purchase (minimal sum – 500 rubles);

2. Full up the form in the store (your passport is needed);

3. Get the card “Three-in-one” for free.


Virtual smartphone card

Discount card that you get through SEMYA Mobile app is without equals. It allows using 7% rate once a week and accumulated rate for the rest time. One virtual card may be activated on three smartphones.

How to get virtual card:

1. Download SEMYA Mobile app;

2. Choose “I don’t have a card”;

3. Full up the form;

4. Get virtual card.


Social discount card

The card allows using 10% rate in the morning (8:00-11:00 a.m.) from Tuesday through Sunday and all day long on Monday.

Social card may get following subsidized households: the Great Patriotic War participants; war workers; disabled persons of groups I and II; former political prisoners; labor veterans; war veterans and their relatives; disabled children; participants of rectification of Chernobyl Atomic Electric Power Station consequences; disadvantaged (with official standing); refugees; retirees; large families.

How to get social card:

1. Provide beneficiary document;

2. Full up the form in the store;

3. Get social card.

cake.pngBirthday discount

All types of card owners may get 7% rate at a Birthday and three days before. Parents may also get the discount if their infant child has a Birthday and written in parent’s passport.

SEMYA discount card and customer’s passport is a requirement of getting Birthday discount.

Get to know your discount rate and purchase sum in personal account or call hot line: (342) 238-68-88, or email us: