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Our history

History of SEMYA started in 2002 when EKS Management Company created food retail chain that afterwards became one of the major and most successful chains in Perm Krai. In 2002 14 stores were opened and in the following 10 years SEMYA grew up to 30 stores, 24 of which were located in Perm city and the rest in the Perm Krai: Berezniki, Dobryanka, Chusovoj, Kungur. Today chain SEMYA counts 82 stores.

In 2004 the first hypermarket SEMYA was opened in Perm city.

From 2009 SEMYA customers support children of Gaaz oncohematological center. We join our forces to collect financial assistance and as a result of this small children have an opportunity to get necessary medical treatment and to recover.

In 2010 we introduced loyalty program which is developing pemanently.

In 2012 SEMYA started project called “Direct Import”: the best European goods are supplied to the stores directly from the producers omitting intermediaries that guarantees value-for-money. Nowadays more than 20 countries participate in the project including Spain, Italy, Hungary, Germany, France and so one.

In August 2014 SEMYA was the first of the regional retailers which developed and presented its own mobile app “SEMYA Mobile”. This unique application makes shopping much more easy and interesting.

In 2015 SEMYA introduced private labels: “Family choice”, “Vybor sem’i”, “Malosemejka”, “Nastoyashchee”.

From 2016 SEMYA launched delivery service that is available throughout Perm city.